September Driver of the Month

Get to know this months driver of the month, Daniel Duliga.

IMG_20150831_154150 (1)

Q: How long have you been driving for?

A: 14 years


Q: What cars do you typically drive at All Points Limousine?  

A: Primarily I drive a town car but I have driven stretch limos, vans, SUVs, and the mini bus.  


Q: What made you get into the business?   

A: A guy I met told me stories about chauffeuring celebrities in South Beach and it sounded exciting.


Q: What is the funniest thing you have experienced as a driver?   

A: I was once given a job that was transporting young ladies to and from a bachelorette party on Clematis Street. I could tell that they clearly intended to party so when I dropped them off I told them that I would be back at 2:30am sharp to pick them up. I was parked outside the bar,  at 2:30 standing next to my limo wearing my white shirt and tie when the girls started to come out and they were of course all in a very good mood. I had to fight a couple of them off who were acting a little too amorous for my professional standards but I do remember thinking that this is just one of the perks of being a limo driver and I like being a Limo Driver!!