5 Good Reasons Why Booking Transportation Online at AllPointsLimo.com is a Better Idea Than Using a Ride Hailing App


  1. Customer Service – We are here to talk to you 24/7/365 if you have any questions or problems. Try calling Uber…you can’t!
  2. Pre-arrange your transportation for “peace of mind” and go when you want to. Uber is “on demand” only and only if and when there is an available car in your area.
  3. Safety – Our drivers are level 2 background checked by the county and randomly drug tested, our vehicles are inspected and licensed by the County – Uber refuses to comply with any of the above.
  4. Security – Just in case, we carry $3, 000, 000 in Auto / Liability insurance. Uber drivers operate under their personal auto insurance policy which in most cases would not cover “for hire” claims. Are you or your company prepared to underwrite that risk for yourself or an employee?
  5. Don’t be part a Social Experiment – Uber and etc. operate in violation of transportation ordinances in south Florida on the basis that you are “ride sharing” when you hail one of their vehicles. That’s obviously false….. are you willing to patronize a company that is willing to flaunt the law for profit?


Yes, they are less expensive but that’s because they refuse to pay the expenses of vehicle permits, driver registrations, commercial insurance and regulatory fees which legally licensed operators such as All Points Limo have to pay….. and we could go on and on but hopefully you get our point and will let your conscience and good judgment guide you.